In Bienesta, we're commited to health

Our mission is to play a crucial role in the improvement of the physical and mental well-being, offering comprehensive care.

Bienesta is a health center, considered the best exponent of functional medicine in the country. This type of medicine has the objective of creating well-being through science, but also based on the entire study of being.

At Bienesta we are focused on prevention, as well as on treating human beings as an interconnected whole, in which the body, mind and spirit participate, seeking to help find the initial beginning of the symptom and not only pause the pathology. We find the causes for the disease, to get to the root of the origin of the problem and the triggers that the individual presents.

There are countless reasons why functional medicine was born, but perhaps the most important is the need to improve the quality of specialized medical services, as well as to reduce and help the progression of diseases, improve the type of treatments and above all raise the doctor-patient relationship; that is, to make it closer.

We have the best specialists in nutrition and functional medicine, as well as avant-garde studies and technological equipment, which allow us to individualize the treatments, designed a tailored suit, with which you and your family will be able to transform your lifestyle through nutrition and functional medicine obtaining health.



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Bienesta is a health institution considered the best exponent of functional medicine in the country.

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Latest Programs

Program: ABC




Throughout this program, we teach our students a conscious and healthy diet, recipes, meditations, exercises and supplementation plans to reduce inflammation, rejuvenate and prevent diseases and change the biological age.

Program: SOS

With SOS you will learn to regulate the nervous system through self-regulation and activation of emotional resilience coupled with functional and integrative nutrition. Together we will be able to change cellular information and express a life full of vitality and wisdom.

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