Your genetics are not predetermined, your lifestyle modifies your genetic expression.

Create a reserve to prepare yourself with the necessary resilience to face any stage of your life.

Healthaddiction is the first and only philosophy of life with an approach that promotes the health of the human being not only from the absence of diseases but as a state of well-being through functional supplementation.

We are a 100% Mexican line of nutritional supplements that support the immune system, fighting inflammation, supporting joint problems and intestinal health, among others. Our products help the body by providing a reserve that will help it cope with each of the stages in life such as hormonal changes, stress, digestive problems, interrupted sleep, bad habits and pollution.

We have the support of the renowned Functional Nutritionist Nathaly Marcus. As an ambassador and creator of the brand, she has the objective of helping you  build an internal reserve that supports epigenetics, so that it optimizes the expression of your genes to express health and well-being.

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Discover the first spanish-speaking Institute 100% online. Acquire cutting-edge knowledge in functional medicine. Acquire cutting-edge knowledge in mind-body health.

Latest Programs

Program: Bienestar 360

Nutrition, aromatherapy and self-massage. Taught by: Nathaly Marcus , Anais Bouts y Ana Paula Domínguez.

Program: Plant-Based Diet

Do you want to reduce glucose and acidity in your body?, Prevent obesity?, Reduce your cellular inflammation and combat the risk of developing immune diseases?


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