And a better relationship with yourself from self-love.


Health and happiness go hand in hand and are built from the inside out.
Do not miss the opportunity to live the experience.

¡Hello! I’m Nathaly Marcus,
Functional Nutrionist.

If you are looking to have a healthier lifestyle, then you’re in the right place. I invite you to live a healthier lifestyle that’s completely permanent .

My goal, is not to make you a lose weight, but to inspire you instead, teach you and motivate you, to properly take care of yourself by making wise decisions.

Get to know and learn to listen to your body through a preventive, participatory program while maintaining an adequate lifestyle without going through harsh diets and without deprivation of essential nutrients.

Today, I want to extend you an invitation to live a full and healthier permanent lifestyle, based on a true nutrition that will lead you to the correct path to heal your soul, body and mind… Welcome to my website!


1. Super Inspiring

  • Everyone adores Nathaly, the colloquial tone that characterizes her, her authenticity and the background of years of a deep investigation, are the best chart of presentation every time she step-in on a stage. Audiences immediately feels attracted to her work and inspires them to “the need” to make a change in their lives.

2. Congruent

  • Nathaly has walk through the path of health her entire life. From the early age of ten, she got interested in the well-being and also in helping people to heal from a different points of view. She married and became a mother at early age, so instead of studying medicine, she leaned towards the nutrition side, so she could still take care of her family.

3. Personalized Message

  • Today, Nathaly has a healthy and balanced life. She puts her unique skills at the service of others. Gives consultations, seminars, courses, congresses, workshops, conferences and certifications through the Mind-Body Functional Health Institute.

4. She’s got the tools

  • People acquire the necessary tools to be able to have a healthier and integrative lifestyle that involves mind – body, which makes them feel energized, motivated and empowered to face the challenges they face every day.

5. The Key Factor

  • Her message has it all, being convinced that prevention, self-care and self-love are essential to be, look and feel complete.

    Nutrition is a tailored suit, we take into account your medical history, reason for consultation, biochemical and epigenetic studies (food sensitivity, omegas, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, presence of radiation, toxins, chemicals, microorganisms and heavy metals) genetics, their diet, and we design specific programs for each stage of life.

    We also focus on the treatment of chronic degenerative diseases, on anti-aging and holistic medicine promoting self-healing and strengthening the body to improve the quality of life of patients through Bienesta, its functional medicine center.


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With cutting-edge information we develop your potential and transform health professionals to integrate all the knowledge of physical, mental and spiritual health.

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The world has already changed, you change too; but above all, transform yourself, advance at your own pace and from any device.

Guided Meditations

Enjoying is not avoiding but living, putting your mind and heart in balance, congruence with your inner world,

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From information to transformation creating healthier and more conscious habits. Learn about functional health and earn a digital diploma for every course you take.

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Responding to life, acquire tools to lead a prosperous and healthy life in every way.

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