Gentest knows everything about your health.

Our health depends on the decisions we make.

The expression of our genes is turned on or off depending on the lifestyle we lead, resulting in susceptibility to developing certain diseases.

The correct functioning of genes is called Epigenetics.

Furthermore, environmental factors are responsible for more than 98% of our physical well-being.

That’s why our health depends on the decicions we make. That is, what we eat, the environment where we live and our own thoughts activate or deactivate genetic information.

By pulling four hairs by their roots from the scalp and placing them on the oscillator of the S Drive, their epigenetic information is digitized.

The information is sent automatically via a secure internet connection to a digital information center in Hamburg, Germany.

In less than 15 minutes, the information returns, generating areas of opportunity in our health…

With the methodology of the 5 Rs of functional medicine, and other studies, it seeks to give a protocol tailored to each patient in order to optimize their human potential.



Modify your eating habits with recipes, tips and tricks.


Bienesta is a health institution considered the best exponent of functional medicine in the country.

Latest Programs

Program: The Yin Yang of Hormones

This course provides all the necessary information about female sex hormones, male sex hormones, thyroid, cortisol and insulin, we will give you tips and tools to have a proper hormonal balance and prevent imbalances.

Course aimed at anyone interested in health and wellness, as well as health professionals.

Program: Detox: Detoxify your body, your life and your environment

This course provides all the information you need to know about intoxication: causes and symptoms, main organs of detoxification, main polluting sources, electromagnetic radiation, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, importance of the lymphatic system as well as foods to include, supplements and the main biohackers to have a proper detoxification.

Course aimed at anyone interested in health and wellness, as well as health professionals.

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